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What we do

At Rotech Global, we secure the right talents at mid to senior level and are experienced in finding the right fit despite time pressures, challenging geographical locations and niche requirements.

To meet the demands of today’s competitive market, businesses need to constantly evolve, adapt and grow therefore being staffed correctly is the key to having a competitive advantage.

Each project starts with an in depth discussion regarding the feasibility of the requirements, followed by a bespoke search and market research. Throughout the process we prioritise transparency with all of our clients whether working with a talent acquisition team or hiring managers.

How we do it

We consider three key factors before suggesting a candidate for review; we are thorough in our approach and consider relevant skills, culture fit and logistical factors. In order to ensure we find the right candidate for your business, we conduct in-depth interviews and assessments in order to assess all three of these areas in conjunction with client expectations.

Moreover, we don’t just find the right people. We pride ourselves in our ability to secure placements and ensure that the hiring process runs smoothly from start to finish. We are aware 50% of candidates are counter offered from their current employers and we have a wealth of experience in contract negotiation and job offer support.

Global coverage

Despite being based in the UK, our experienced talent experts operate globally and can offer support across a range of locations throughout the world. We offer around-the-clock support and flexibility in our approach in order to accommodate your recruitment project needs.

We work around client needs and we harness the power of technology coupled with a pre-existing and continually expanding global database of talent in order to ensure we find the right fit for the role.

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